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Testosterone for Men

Many people who are looking for the fountain of youth turn to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy as an option. In man, the testosterone levels naturally decrease in middle age which can lead to increase of abdominal fat, decrease of muscle mass and strength, correlates to high blood pressure, heart disease, loss of bone mass, fatigue, vitality, mental functions and even libido.

What is testosterone?

More than just a male sex hormone, testosterone is a primary androgen produced in both men and women. One of many groups of compounds widely known as anabolic steroids, testosterone is secreted by the testes but is also manufactured in small quantities in the ovaries, cortices of the adrenal glands, and placenta, usually from cholesterol. Testosterone has a number of effects on muscles, bones, the central nervous system, and bone marrow, the prostate and sexual function. Androgens, especially testosterone, normalize the normal growth and development of male sex organs and promote other male characteristics, such as body hair, muscle mass and a deep voice. Testosterone also stimulates protein synthesis and accounts for the greater muscular development of the male.  For many years, bio-identical hormones have been used by athletes with the goal of improving performance. Today Hormone Replacement Therapy has moved into the mainstream and can be doctor prescribed to anyone over the age of 30 showing a medical need, and who wants to improve their quality of life.

When does it decline?

Who doesn’t remember the energy, sexual drive and endurance of the teenage years? Well, this is testimonial of the amazing power of testosterone; the truth is that young males produce and absorb testosterone rushes two to three times more than a healthy and vigorous adult male. Testosterone begins to decline in men at about age 25. Testosterone can stop and reverse the physical decline that robs men of their energy, strength and libido. Having healthy levels of Testosterone can bring back muscle tone and improve stamina.

What can I do to improve my testosterone levels?

The most common type of treatment for testosterone deficiency is known as testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone Therapy can restore healthy sexual excitement and desire, which in turn, results in an enhancement in mood and overall well-being.
Men who receive testosterone replacement with Bio Identical Hormones from HRT Centers of America consequently report that they feel sexier, stronger and healthier. They state that it makes them feel as they did when they were in their prime. After all, this is what renewal of hormones is all about. It is about restoring hormones to youthful levels so you can feel as you did when you were at the peak of your physical and mental ability.


Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy serve as Sexual Enhancer?

Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive for both men and women. As testosterone diminishes with age, so does the sexual functioning in both men and women. Testosterone restored to youthful levels in both men and women can reverse the condition. Very often, men and women automatically assume that as they age, their sexual capacity will weaken. There is no need to accept this loss of sexuality. Testosterone can play a critical role in helping to preserve and even restore sexual function so that we can live our extended life span with the same excitement and enthusiasm we enjoyed during our youth.

Is Bio Identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy right for me?

Doctors are witnessing an explosion of interest in testosterone as a result of our growing awareness that Testosterone Levels decline with age and that many men suffer serious consequences to their physical and mental health as a result. In women, it is expressed as menopause, whereas, in men, it is expressed as andropause. Many of these symptoms and disease processes that we come to accept as typical aging are processes that are actually secondary to low testosterone levels and are easily correctable. Testosterone supplementation results in increased muscle strength, muscle size, increased energy level, decreased fat and increased desire and endurance for exercise. Now both men and women may be treated for their sex hormone deficiencies.
Testosterone replacement in the past has been associated with increased cholesterol levels. We feel this is probably secondary to the use of artificial testosterone that resulted in liver dysfunction and the concomitant elevation of cholesterol. Studies now show that replaced with natural testosterone results in a decreased cholesterol and increased HDL, similar to what has been recognized in women taking estrogen.

What are my options?

Evidently, testosterone is shown to have a positive impact on our health and well-being, our moods and our ability to learn and remember information. Testosterone has been administered in the form of injections and oral supplements. We choose not to use any of these methods as the testosterone is in the synthetic form. Testosterone patches are also available. We have found these patches unacceptable and secondary to the ability to get optional blood levels and feeling of the patch. Most patients prefer not to use these patches after experimenting with them. The method of choice is a natural testosterone injected inter-muscular or as a topical gel applied to the skin.

What are the risks?

Testosterone cannot be used if one has prostate cancer. Testosterone has not been shown to cause prostate cancer; however, if one does have prostate cancer, testosterone may cause faster growth of this tumor. Therefore, there is a need to monitor the PSA on a regular basis to assure that one does not develop prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. It can be easily detected by an annual PSA test. In addition to testosterone supplementation, most men develop prostate hypertrophy in their later years. Hypertrophy can be successfully treated and prevented with daily treatments.

Biomedical Researchers and physicians have correlated decline of testosterone hormone level with problems of aging. But there is a solution! Hormone therapy is an easy fix solution for those problems. Here at Centers of America, our doctors and biomedical specialists design a custom therapy for your personal wants and needs.

With Testosterone Restoration Therapy, one can actually reverse those aging symptoms. The process has brought life changing results to many of our patients who are suffering from low testosterone.

Benefits include weight loss, mental sharpness, better sleep, increase libido, increase of energy, muscle and bone mass. You will be feeling how you were at your prime ages!

With Centers of America, we want our clients to be well informed despite where they want to do the therapy. Our commitment is to provide our patients a better quality of life. Call one of our clinical specialists today for more information on how to improve your health and lifestyle!

CONTACT US TODAY! Get the facts from trusted USA trained medical doctors and staff! CALL 1-888-677-5576. Learning more about testosterone for men is just a phone call away. Also ask about these frequently asked questions about hormone replacement for men…

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• Improve Blood Pressure
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• Memory Improvement
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