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Testosterone and our bodies


Our bodies are amazing machines that need a lot of care and attention. Resiliency can happen if our bodies receive the proper attention it needs. When you replace deficiencies in your body you are helping it look better as well as function correctly.

The way our body functions is based off a number of variables. For our body to be a self regulate without any complications is with the help of hormones. These hormones help balance the body. A deficiency in hormones leads to a number of disruptions. Such as low energy, weight loss, low libido, and loss of muscle tone.

What exactly are Hormones?

Our cells, tissues, and organs all depend on hormones to regulate and keep them to the proper working order. Hormones are secreted through the endocrine system where they send signals to certain places in the body to perform specific tasks. They regulate homeostasis in the bloodstream that helps development, reproduction, metabolism, mood, and sexual function.




Low Testosterone and how it happens

Different levels of testosterone happen in both men and women. There are more levels of testosterone in men because a healthy male requires large amounts. At around age 25 this hormone begins to decline in men. The function of Testosterone is hair growth, muscle mass, strong bones, deep voice, development of sex organs, and effects the central nervous system.

How do I test my T-Levels?

Testosterone levels can be done by a doctor and may be covered by insurance. It is important to get levels evaluated in order to maintain proper health and functioning of the body.

Levels can vary from person to person. For instance it is important to know what levels are acceptable for HIV patients because the wrong dose could be fatal to the person. Also someone suffering from hypogonadism could have lower hormone levels. The effects include: Poor sleep quality, low libido, low energy, and depression. Testosterone injections can be prescribed to alleviate these symptoms and get you started to living a better life.

Routine check ups while on testosterone is important to reduce complications. Giving the body a break from testosterone helps the body transition smoothly and adjusts accordingly. Monitoring levels by routine lab checks done as well.

Are hormones safe?

Hormones are indeed safe. Bio-identical hormone especially because it is a natural derivative and is absorbed into the body better and matches every person’s individual needs.

What are my options?

You can use testosterone in a number of ways. Gels, pills, Injections, and patches are some alternatives and should be done within certain guidelines and regulations. The most popular are weekly injections because patches tend to be a little unsightly.


How do I get started?

All you need is to fill out the medical history form and life style form, found at the right side on this page, then click submit and one of our specialist will contact you. Only three simple steps to change the way you feel and three steps closer to become a better YOU!

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