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HGH vs. Sermorlin

How is Somatropin injected?

Somatropin is injected in the fatty tissue under the epidermis. Depending upon how much you need from a physician will determine the dose. Since HGH is stronger it is more expensive than Somatropin and can be taken along with it for better results. If you are concerned with the cost then Somatropin is a better alternative.



The pituitary gland inside the brain is responsible for producing human growth hormone. It is responsible for the growth of you hair, muscles, cells, bones, and organs. It is considered a master hormone because it is in control of all the hormones in your body. At around 25 years of age this particular hormone begins to decline causing several problems. These problems are: aging, wrinkles, diabetes, loss of muscle mass, and low libido. 29 amino acids are in Sermorelin. Since Sermorelin is cheaper and less potent it can be prescribed at the end of a normal therapy and can be used by either men or women.

IGF-1 or insulin growth factor is produced when the right amount of HGH is produced which helps cell growth and helps metabolism.

There are positive side effects that happen when on the therapy. This includes: Increase growth hormone, increased immunity, physical quality, sleep is improved, increase growth factor, loss of fat, increased energy, better functioning pancreatic islets, better vitality, better bone density, increase of protein synthesis, and increase body mass.

HGH is known to reverse the signs of aging and improve the quality of life along with fighting fatigue, moodiness, and improving motivation.

A blood test can be done to determine the dosage that is best for you. By doing this you limit the possible side effects while on the therapy. Since you body heals when you sleep the best time to take it is at night. Another way to prevent negative systems is by a monitored program. Positive side effects include heightened libido, loss of weight, reduction in wrinkles, smoother skin, and better meomory.



Ipamorelin and who needs it?

It’s hard to keep up the pace as you age. Retaining muscle mass and staying focused becomes increasingly difficult. Ipamorelin may be exactly what you need for combat these negative symptoms.

How Ipamorelin can benefit

GHRP is a peptide that releases the hormones and is very similar to Sermorelin. This is because it facilitates the pituitary to produce more natural growth hormone. The benefit of Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are similar in the fact that it provides almost the same benefit but Ipamorelin is cheaper in price.

Positive side effects include:

  • Quality of sleep is improved which helps over all well being
  • Quicker healing time from an injury
  • Hardly any sick days
  • Body fat is reduced.

The main function of Ipamorelin is to signal the production of HGH. The realease of the hormones aid in attaining better health outcomes.

What is does not stimulate is hunger, cortisol, or prolactin.

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