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HCG for Women

What is HCG diet?

HCG, known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a natural hormone found in pregnant women that protects the unborn fetus by using stored body fat to nourish the baby. How the HCG diet plan works is by using fat stores for energy combined with a strict caloric meal plan of 500 calories. The HCG diet protocol provides quick weight loss making it very popular. The diet is also referred to as Dr. Simeons HCG diet because he discovered the benefits of using HCG injections and its ability to dramatically reduce body fat with minimal side effects. The other reason for its growing popularity is that the HCG diet helps reduce fat in areas that are normally difficult to reach with conventional diets.

Our bodies are composed of three different types of fat. Structural fat is found between the muscles and organs for protection, normal fat reserves which supply us with energy, and thirdly the abnormal fat found in the buttocks, hips, belly, thighs and various other areas women are so discontent with.

What nutritionists agree upon is the fact that by starving the body of protein and nutrition with a low caloric intake, the body will utilize any type of fat which may lead to severe consequences. When the body is severely starved of basic nutrition and protein, lean muscle gets destroyed affecting the body’s metabolic rate, causing the weight to come back more quickly once the diet is ceased. This is what is called the “Yoyo diet”. Our specialized physicians and nutritionist are trained to design a safe and healthy diet to achieve maximum weight loss.

Obesity effects women, how can HCG Help?

Obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics on our society today and the fastest growing health concerns. In the U.S. today approximately one third of adults (33.8%) are clinically obese. There are many health issues associated with obesity that are affecting these men and women paired with high blood pressure contributing to a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, organ failure as well as many other detrimental diseases.  Obesity affects both men and women, however, the stigma associated with obesity affects women to a greater degree. The risk for greater weight gain is for woman during pregnancy and menopause. Men suffer less from the hormonal imbalances that contribute to weight gain, therefor have less of an issue with weight gain than women do.

Women who suffer from hormonal imbalances experience more frequent triggers of impulsive eating and stress, making it more difficult for women to maintain healthy weight and a positive image imposed by societal norms. It’s a well-known fact that the advertising world depicts thin women as acceptably beautiful and attractive. Hollywood perpetuates the stereotypes by the roles seen on the big screen movie after movie. The typical heroine of the movie is most often a beautiful thin woman while the overweight woman is seen as a slob or a pathetic neurotic.  It comes as no surprise that there is a growing obsession among young girls and women alike to be thin and an increase in eating disorders. The pressure to be thin for girls and women is great, making the goal to be perfect tremendous and overwhelming. Women who do not fit the image of perfection tend to have self-esteem and confidence issues.

Is HCG Safe?

HCG diet plans are now being recommended by physicians worldwide and weight loss clinics specializing in HCG diet plans are becoming more common. HCG diet side effects have been found to be very minor and should be discussed with your physician. HCG injections given daily along with a HCG diet menu includes a reduced caloric intake as well as a no-fat diet, has shown to be an extremely effective regimen for weight loss. Women following the HCG diet protocol lose fat quickly and effectively without the negative side effects of losing energy and feeling tired as experienced by other diets. Doctors agree with HCG diet reviews that there are additional benefits to adhering to the HCG diet plan than other weight loss plans on the market.

What are other benefits of HCG?

HCG hormones offer additional benefits such as staving off hunger and triggering the body’s use of fat for energy. Doctor Simeons’ HCG diet helps women lose body fat and actually provides the body with sculpting benefits as well as even reversing signs of aging, which are hugely welcomed by the female population. While other conventional diets help women lose weight, the HCG diet helps reduce problem fat in difficult to reach areas such as double chins, droopy jowls and potbellies. Because the hormone is known to reconstruct anatomical fat that women have in greater quantity than men, the HCG treatments end up improving the overall look of the face, neck and hands. These areas in particular are where women first report signs of aging showing up.

HCG therapy together with diet plan food list produces the best results, not only due to the loss of weight but because of the body sculpting effects. This in effect provides a huge boost to women’s self-confidence and self-esteem, producing elevated levels of well-being and happiness. HCG diet food list will be discussed by your physician in order to produce optimal results. The therapy usually lasts up to six weeks, being one of the fastest ways to lose weight among women and ultimately improving their outlook on life. The other positive HCG side effect is the marked improvement in mood and energy levels found in women even before the first pound has been shed. This is also in part due to the fact that the HCG injections help curtail one’s appetite, making it easier to follow the diet.

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