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HCG for Women

What is HCG diet?

HCG is known as Human Chorionic gonadotropin. It is hormone found in pregnant women. This hormone protects and nourishes the unborn baby by using the store fat of the mother and changing to nutrition for the baby. This hormone can basically transform fat into energy and nutrition.  The concept of HCG diet is to convert those unwanted fat into usable energy. Others may call it a quick way to lose fat.

Our bodies are composed of three different types of fat: The structural fat which is found between the muscles and organs for protection. We also have the normal reserve fat which supplies us with energy. Finally the third one, the abnormal fat, found in hips, belly, thighs, buttocks and more unwanted places women hate. With the HCG diet, only the abnormal fats are used.

Nutritionists state that fact by starving your body of protein and nutrition with low calorie intakes, the body will utilize any type of fat which leads to severe consequences. Your lean muscles get destroyed, but the weight will come back. Many people called that the yoyo diet. With our specialized doctors and nutritionists, we design a safe and healthy diet to achieve your weigh loss goals.

Obesity effects women, how can HCG Help?

Obesity is the fastest growing health concerns in the western world today. In the U.S about one-third ofU.S.adults (33.8%) are obese. Coupled with high blood pressure, comes a greater risk of a huge variety of health concerns including diabetes, heart disease, organ failure, and a great many other diseases. Although obesity affects both men and women, the stigma against obese women seems to be a lot greater. The risk is also greater for women to gain weight especially during pregnancy and menopause. Men do not have such great inconsistency in the hormones and so do not seem to have as big a problem with weight as women do.

Women suffer from constant hormonal changes that may trigger impulsive eating and stress, and what makes it even more difficult for women is the image that society tries to impose on them. Let’s face it; the entire advertising world always depicts thin women as beautiful and attractive. InHollywood, the same stereotypes are played out over and over again. The heroine of the movie is almost always a beautiful thin woman while the overweight woman tends to be portrayed as a slob or a pathetic neurotic. It’s no wonder that girls today are more obsessed with eating disorders than ever before. The pressure put on girls and women to have the perfect figure is tremendous and overwhelming. Women who do not fit this image often have issues with self esteem and self confidence.

Is HCG Safe?

HCG therapy is being recommended by doctors worldwide and there are even weight loss clinics that been set up to specialize in the HCG weight loss treatments. HCG given daily, along with a reduced caloric intake and abstinence from fats, has proven to be an effective weight loss regimen for women to lose weight quickly and effectively without losing the energy and tiredness that most diets produce. But doctors are quickly discovering that there are other benefits to be derived from HCG therapy other than weight loss in women.


What are other benefits of HCG?

HCG hormone helps to suppress hunger and trigger your body’s use of fat for fuel. In addition HCG treatments besides helping women lose weight, the treatments also actually provide body sculpting benefits as well as reversing certain signs of aging. Other diets help lose weight, but only HCG actually reduces problem fat in areas such as double chins, droopy jowls and potbellies. Because the hormone helps to reconstruct the anatomical fat that all women have in greater quantity than men, the treatments end up improving the look of the face, neck and hands. These three areas are where the signs of aging show up first in most women.

 As you can imagine, between losing weight and the body sculpting effects, HCG therapy can have a tremendously positive effect on a woman’s self esteem, self confidence and overall happiness levels and well-being. Since HCG therapy for weight loss generally only lasts up to six weeks, this is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve a woman’s outlook on life. Even while on the diet, most women start to see improvements in their mood and energy level so they start to feel better before they even lose a pound. That’s because the HCG curtails the appetite so the diet becomes easier to adjust to.

For additional info and to find out how Bio Identical Hormones from HRT Centers of America can assist you contact one of our Clinical.


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