hgh therapy

HRT Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is probably the best treatment for women undergoing the menopause stage. All those women having information about the several treatments offered to cure, read more about HRT Therapy

HGH Therapy

It’s almost every day you read or hear about Growth Hormone in the media, its either an athlete at the top of his or her game or some Hollywood actor that’s mentioned, what the media never mentions is there are over million people worldwide read more about HGH Therapy

HCG Diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body like thyroxin and adrenalin. It has several significant roles in the human body. However, this glycoprotein based harmone can only be produced by pregnant women; the hormone is released in the early stages of pregnancy Read more about HCG Diet

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone TherapyTestosterone levels Our body is regulated by a number of different variables co-coordinating to achieve balance and stability. One of the most important variables in helping the body work without too many read more about Testosterone Therapy

HRT for Men

A decline in hormones in men, mainly due to age, leads to a condition called andropause or male menopause. There are a number of hormones involved in causing andropause. The most important among them are testosterone, read more about HRT for Men

HGH for Men

It is a fact that men and women have different health needs and concerns, and this is particularly true when considering any kind of dietary supplement. The health benefits of HGH for men address concerns exclusive to read more HGH for Men

HCG for Men

HGH Benefits DoctorMany males looking to lose weight are interested in the use of HCG treatment. The question pertaining to male HCG side effects automatically arises. What are the male HCG side effects of use if there's any? Are males in any danger while being on HCG Weight Loss plan? Bio Identical HRT Centers of America Read more about HCG for Men

Testosterone for Men

Testosterone—is a principal androgen or male sex hormone. One of the group of compounds known as anabolic steroids, testosterone is secreted by the testes but is also manufactured in small quantities in the read more about Testosterone for Men

HRT For Women

Hormone replacement therapy is probably the best treatment for women undergoing the menopause stage. All those women having information about the several treatments offered to cure menopause symptoms and effects, read more about HRT For Women

HGH for Women

Women and men typically have very different needs when shopping health supplements. Human Growth Hormone- HGH products are no different. While most people can universally benefit from the anti-aging properties of HGH, read more about HGH for Women

HCG for Women

Obesity is one of the fastest growing health issues in the western world today. Along with obesity, comes a greater risk of a huge variety of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, organ failure, and a great many other diseases. Although obesity affects both men and women, the stigma against women Read more about HCG for Women

Testosterone for Women

HRT for WomenMen and women actually do have something in common: hormones. Men need a little estrogen for their feminine sides, and women need some testosterone to level the score. Think strong, energetic and responsive read more about testosterone for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Welcome to HRT Medical Centers of America…

The popularity of Hormone Replacement has grown tremendously in the last few years. Celebrities, doctors, and athletes have attested to the benefits of ant aging and disease preventing Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.  With further research improvement in ones health can be achieved. Testosterone is known to improve your well-being.  Getting a physician and FDA approved medication is the first step toward their health outcome. This includes a lab test, blood work, and physical.

Affordability is another perk as these treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Benefits include improvement of health, physical appearance, and increase of energy. Be careful of gimmicky products that offer the same thing for a cheaper price. Only FDA approved medications are safe to use.

Some steps to help you on the way to better health are:

  • Find a legal and qualified doctored with FDA approved medications.  They will be able to prescribe you Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Sermorelin, HCG, as well as gels and creams.
  • Look for good states with the best medications such as Texas, Florida, and California. Other states are less physically conscious and more conservative so the benefits are small and more expensive.
  • For safety reasons it is important to only use medications that are FDA approved but you might have to pay a little more. Be weary of medications from China and Mexico since they are unregulated and extremely unsafe. They may even be sold as placebos.
  • Deal with qualified physicians because they will help get you the care you need since they work only on commission. It is preferred to work with a clinic instead of a sales person trying to make money.
  • The requirement is that you have to do a blood test and a physical as well as be over the age of 30.


Treating hormone deficiency and imbalance for adult Men, woman, as well as children can be as easy as turning to your Physician for Sermorelin HGH. A big factor in play when it comes to a decrease in these hormones is aging.  Anti-aging therapies like HCG, Testosterone, and HGH release hormone peptides to level out a patient’s hormones.  We are your solution for all your hormone therapy needs and our experts, that have helped over 20,000 patients, can accommodate you providing the best service and lowest pricing nationwide. For more information please contact us at 888-677-5576.

The problems associated with Human Growth Hormone are:

  • Muscle soreness
  • Inability to sleep
  • Low libido
  • Weakness
  • Mood-swings
  • Sadness
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Bone loss
  • Dry Skin
  • Depression
  • Night Sweats
  • Social Isolation
  • Weight Gain


Our  age management Physicians can renew low levels of hormones with HRT by using natural bio-identical hormones such as Sermorelin HGH injections, Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, HCG, Progesterone, and DHEA. To find out if you have a hormone imbalance, deficiency, or low Testosterone, a blood test is all that is needed.

If you suspect that you have a hormone imbalance than contact our specialists at Conscious Evolution Institute and schedule a Lab Test. Deficiencies are usually the result of aging and loss or irregular HGH, DHEA, Melatonin, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Conscious Evolution of Hormone replacement,  read more information about Sermorelin, and fill out a form for a free consultation.

It is important to understand how to purchase Sermorelin legally by doing your research, having your doctor approve the prescription, and going over any possible health concerns or side effects. The purchase of Sermorelin should be from patients with a licensed Physician, U.S Pharmacy, licensed clinic, or experts in the subjects of  Ani-aging Medicine and endocrinology.  Our expert staff will be available and happy to assist you along the way.

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There are a number of reports online that discuss the dangers, benefits, and side effects in the use of Hormone replacement therapy. HGH therapy and Testosterone Therapy is a prime example of this debate on which is best the therapy.  It just depends on the type of deficiencies present and what kind of changes it has on the body that determines if both of these are equally valuable.

There are reports of athletes taking strong medications as a means on competitive enhancement and this is unfortunate. It is illegal and is also harmful for the body. There are many documented cases of the therapy being highly beneficial for those people over thirty that have a need for it due to a decrease in the level of hormones.

There has been quite a bit of research out there that show the good and bad sides of athletes using these compounds for enhancement but all of them come back as a risky negative alternative since it is not needed in the body.  The only time it is needed is if there is a deficiency. If the dose is too high then it prohibits the body’s natural ability to produce these chemicals. The only safe bet is to see a knowledgeable doctor who is familiar with the body’s hormone balance to see if it is needed, only then can it benefit your overall health and improve the quality of life.

What is the difference between Growth Hormone and Testosterone?

There are some differences between these two medications but what exactly is it and how do you know if you need one or the other? A lot of people  refer to testosterone as being only for men but women may also need testosterone just as much as men.  Testosterone is also used for the enhancement of sexual desire and pleasure receptors in both genders and the same can be true for Growth Hormone. Men going through erectile dysfunction and women who are going through menopause testosterone may be beneficial.

Growth hormone deficiencies may also be present so it is good to take a blood test know the chemical production to find out.  There are also a number of areas to test before going on HGH and Testosterone therapy such as muscle size, hair quality, skin tone, endurance, mood, and brain functioning. After all the tests it will be decided by your doctor what the best route would be.

What is the difference between HGH and Testosterone treatment?

After diagnosis the is a question to the differences between HGH and Testosterone. HGH will be taken every day via injection. The chemical level in the body when it was at it’s peak will be prescribed from your doctor and elevating the GH to this gives a person the optimal enhancement.

For men, Low-T is given through an injection because but for woman it is cream. Woman tend to need less Testosterone than men because men have more testosterone in the body already. Sometimes the body may need both HGH and Testosterone and will be prescribed accordingly.

During the therapy your medical advisors will monitor the way your body is responding to the medications and the only time to take both of these medications is if your body is deficient in both.

What to expect from HGH and Testosterone Therapy Results

There are similar responses to both types of therapies including elevated mood, enhanced libido, more energy, better mood, weight loss, muscle mass and tone, heightened endurance, improved memory, and better mental functioning. There are also a number of benefits in your physical appearance such as diminishing cellulite, smoother skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails.  Whichever form you need the only way to be sure is to follow up with your doctor to get all the necessary tests.

What is the best HGH and Testosterone on the market?

The only place that should be taken off the market for HGH and Testosterone is in China. It’s the equivalent to getting a cheap designer handbag and could even be hazardous to your health.

Exported medications are unsafe for various reasons: They are not tested, tainted, and may even be expired, and it just not worth taking that risk. Other countries are legally not held accountable if they ship you medications without a prescription.

What is the cost of the medications? Each person will be different depending on the type of treatment they need. Each individual with have the opportunity to go over there budget and have some options that offer different plans suitable to them.

Medical hopes for Adults with declining hormones

Those suffering from HGH deficiency now can receive FDA treatment to replenish their low levels of hormones. These treatment plans include: life extension, age management, and anti-aging benefits. Somotropin or natural bio-identical replacement are natural alternatives for patients seeking a less chemical animal derivative. Those drugs have more of a risk then the natural alternative.

Those suffering from hypopituitarism for deficiencies are medications that is FDA approved. If diagnosed then some medications might be covered under your insurance policy. Treatment is readily available for those suffering from AGHD. Studies have shown an improvement and positive changes when on the therapy.

Benefits of HGH Human Growth Hormone

To decrease pre-mature aging, clinical research has supported and shown that replacing HGH In IGF-1 will help decrease negative side effects of hormone deficiency. This leads to a more positive outlook on life, reduction of body fat, lowered blood pressure, healthy heart, healthier organs, better bone density, increase hair growth, and sexual performance.

Reverse aging

Nothing on the market today has the same anti-aging properties like HGH. In fact extensive research and scientific backing has proved this claim.

Age Management

60 year old Sylvester Stallone looks as through he is in his 30s all because of HGH and it’s anti-aging properties. He has sweared by these positive effects and believes HGH will be sold over the counter in 10 years. Susan Summers has even written books about the wonderful effects of the therapy which talks about HGH and testosterone the management of aging. Sport doctors have seen the effects of the rapid healing of damaged tissue from athletes who have been on the therapy.

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Helps Reduce Anxiety & Stress
• Improve or Balance Immune System
• Improve Endurance & Strength
• Improve Weight & Lower Body Fat
• Improve Sexual Performance
• Increase Sex Drive and Motivation
• Improve Blood Pressure
• Improve Skin & Reduce Wrinkles
• Memory Improvement
• Lower Depression & Improve Mood
• Improve Body Composition
• Increase Metabolism
• Cholesterol LDL/HDL Improved
• More Motivation, Mental Clarity & Focus
• Anti-Aging & Regenerative Properties
• Menopause & Andropause Solutions

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